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GTAPoliceMods is the home of FivePD. FivePD is the staple law enforcement modification for FiveM. Released in April 2020, FivePD has become the #1 law enforcement modification for FiveM. FivePD is growing faster than ever, and is constantly receiving new.

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The police in GTA are such a huge part of the experience. The police in GTA are the only thing that stops the player from wreaking havoc.

Some of the most memorable moments in GTA involve a five-star wanted level and a bunch of police cars trying to ram into your car.


Modders must feel the same way as they keep making police mods for GTA 5.

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Best police mods in GTA 5



The LSPDFR mod is the ultimate police role-play mod.

The mod lets players take on all the responsibilities of a LSPD officer. Players can make arrests, patrol the streets and even earn money.

The mod also has a few survival aspects, like keeping track of the squad car's fuel.When players run out of fuel they will need to go to a gas station to refill it.

The mod also has an online mode, so players can team up to take down the criminal scum of Los Santos.

Download the mod here.


Gta 5 Singleplayer Mods

2) LSPD Pack

Every cool cop needs a cool car, and the LSPD Pack does just that.

Police Player Model Gta 5 Download

The LSPD pack is a skin pack which gives many vehicles in the game a LSPD makeover. This allows players to patrol the streets in a ride of their choice.

The pack adds a fully functioning siren and police radio which can be toggled to every car it reskins.


Bribe Mod Lspdfr

There are around four versions of the skin pack available, each including skins for different cars. Some of the best cars it reskins are Buffalo S, Stanier, Speedo, Scout and Everon.

Download the mod here.

3) Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

One of the most immersion breaking things about GTA 5 is that the police magically get to know when a crime is committed as soon as it takes place, even in unsual and deserted areas where there is no possibility of the crime being witnessed.

The mod adds an extra layer to the wanted system by adding witnesses. When the player commits a crime and a NPC witnesses it, the NPC will call the police, and it is up to the player now to take them down before they finish reporting a crime. If the witness is dealt with in time, then the player won't get a wanted level.

Ubisoft's Watch dogs series has the same system, and it makes committing crimes in free roam way more exciting and fun.

Download the mod here.

4) PoliceMenuV

PoliceMenuV is a LSPD themed trainer that gives players access to police themed assets.


Players can use the trainer to spawn police vehicles and weapons. Players can also switch character models and even spawn other officers for backup.

All these things and much more can be done by other popular trainers but it is nice to have a trainer which only focuses on one aspect.

Download the link here.

5) NFS Spike mod

The NFS Spike mod lets players drop strips of spikes on the road to stop other vehicles.

Drop spikes are used by the police in GTA 5, so it is fitting that players using police mods should also use this.

Police Player Model Gta 5 Download Torrent

The NFS Spike mod, LSPD pack mod and the LSPDFR mod should be used together for the ultimate GTA police role-play experience.

Police Player Model Gta 5 Download Full

Download the mod here.

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Gta 5 Download Free Windows 10

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