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Good news for game lovers has released. GTA 5, which has spectacularly changed the world of games with its unique features, has taken another step forward and added something exclusive within its gaming history. Apple has released an exclusive GTA 5 iFruit App for iOS and Android devices. As most of us are GTA lovers, the app has been specially designed from Grand Theft V Manual where you can play in any of the social networking sites.

Here is some more information about the new GTA 5 iFruit App:

How Can I Download The Ifruit App In Gta 5

  • Customized “Los Santos”: In the app, a garage has been designed to buy and customise the vehicles of your choice in one go to your garage, adding extra boost to your game. Grab this unique app online where you can reserve your car licence plate, which can be used in your game.
  • Chop to Unlock: In this app, a Tamagotchi-esque game play is included to chop the dog, one of the game player “Franklin” and get a chance to have your own virtual chop changing the mood in-game, used to teach different tricks to him, and customize his bespoke collar. The mood effects have various scales helping you to unlock rewards in GTA V.
  • A Life Invader & Social Club Stats: You have direct access to your game statistics on social networking sites, provided you are logged in to play the game. Also a Life Invader adds some extra spice to the game.
  • For Extras: There are some direct links to GTAV official websites with other games like Rockstar.

Answer: If you play GTAV on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or PC in any combination, iFruit allows you to easily switch between these platforms. To do so: Open the “Settings” app on the iFruit home screen; In the “Platform Switcher” section, tap the checkbox next to the platform you’d like iFruit to connect to. Modify Chop's behaviour and customise your car with official GTA 5 companion app. Their in-game dog new tricks is available to download now on iOS. Xbox One, Xbox 360. For Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled 'iFruit app?' Anybody that is having problems with having the private plate show up in LSC after you order just make sure you're sending it to the correct console. My problem was that I was sending the order to my Xbox 360 instead of the Xbox One. You can easily go into the app settings on the home menu and link the iFruit app to the platform of your choice.


So, why wait download for the new iFruit App? Get ready to go for another ride of GTA 5!

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Gta V Download Xbox 360

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As everyone knows, this year's hot in-game accessory is a dog, with Call of Duty's canine companion winning the most plaudits so far. Rockstar wasn't going to be left behind in the poochification of AAA gaming, however, so GTA 5 also has a dog in it: Franklin's friend Lamar's rottweiler, Chop.

Best of all, though, Chop has his own smartphone app.

Called iFruit, the free app wasn't available for me to try out while I was reviewing GTA 5, but it has now popped up on iTunes (weighing in at 444MB) and, according to Rockstar, will let players train Chop and also modify and order new cars while away from the game.

Gta Download Xbox 360 Free

'Caring for Chop using the iFruit app will unlock additional abilities,' the explanation goes. These extra Chop features are as follows:

  • Chop will search for hidden packages
  • Chop will perform the sit, beg, and give paw tricks
  • Chop will be 'extra' effective when attacking on missions
  • Player can customise Chop's collar

Who, as they say, is a good boy then. Yes it is yes you are.

How To Download Ifruit App Gta 5 Xbox 360

Elsewhere, the Los Santos Customs part of the iFruit app lets you 'create and reserve unique licence plates for use in GTA 5 and GTA Online, as well as the ability to customise owned cars, and place an order on-the-go and find it waiting in the garage the next time you play Grand Theft Auto 5 - or send an order in while playing and get a text from your local mechanic to swing by.'

Yet more ways to enjoy GTA 5, then, even when you're not playing GTA 5. /how-to-download-gta-5-rp-server/.