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gta_sa.exe 1.0 us is the original US version of the GTA San Andreas launch file. It is with this file that most mods, ASI plugins, CLEO scripts and graphical ENB settings work correctly. gta_sa.exe is 14 383 616 bytes in size and is a public no-dvd 1.0 us version of the game executable. So you no longer need to mount a CD / DVD disc into the drive or into the emulator.
This EXE file is used for both the single and samp versions of the game. It solves problems with not working mods, but since it lacks more recent patches from Rockstar, immediately after installation there may be some problems with the game due to its downgrade to the original version at the time of release in 2005. It's good that all these problems already exist
ready-made solutions, which you will find below in the text on this page.
Possible problems and solutions:
- The mouse does not work - install the script Mouse Fix;
- No required screen resolution - install script Resolution 1920x1080.
One-stop solution for problems with the game version 1.0 US:
This script and the mouse will make it work as it should and any resolution available for the monitor will allow you to select and all sorts of bugs and glitches from the developers in the game will be fixed - SilentPatch 1.1.
Thus, after installing gta_sa.exe from this page, it will be enough to install the latest version of CLEO 4.3.22 at the time of publication (if you do not already have it), which already contains the ASI Loader from Silent and then install the ASI plugin - SilentPatch.
Download gta_sa.exe 1.0 us you can follow the links below on this page.

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  2. Download Gta Sa Setup Exe
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Sep 28th, 2017

Gta 5 Exe Free Download

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Download Gta Sa Setup Exe

  1. Download Gta san andreas original exe >>
  2. 27 Oct 2011 Programas para GTA San Andreas - Gta_sa.exe original v. 1.01 con descarga gratuita de auto-instalador.
  3. Most people looking for Gta san andreas exe free pc downloaded: Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 is the first expansion pack, to the original Grand Theft Auto.
  4. En fait , le fichier original EXE , tu l?auras si tu reinstalles ton jeu . Il te faudra au prelable prendre soin de faire une copie de tes sauvegardes
  5. 26 oct. 2009 Original fichier gta_sa.exe de la version europeenne du jeu. Version 1.00 du fichier. Ce fichier est un patch pour GTA San Andreas v 1.01.
  6. 20 Sep 2014 Original file gta_sa.exe v1.01 eu with otvazkoj from the disk.
  7. 27 oct. 2011 Programmes pour GTA San Andreas - Original gta_sa.exe v. 1.01 avec l'installation automatique de telechargement gratuit.
  8. 27 Oct 2011 Programs for GTA San Andreas - Original gta_sa.exe v. 1.01 with auto-installer free download.
  9. 26 Oct 2009 Original file gta_sa.exe from the European version of the game. File version 1.00. This file is a patch for GTA San Andreas v 1.01. This file is
  10. 10 Jun 2014 Original us gta_sa.exe is necessary for correct operation of scripts and programs for the GTA.
  11. Category: GTA Description: SecuROM User Access Service (V7). File size: 13.72 Mb File date: 14.09.2012 09:16. File version: 1,1,0,0. Original file name:

To your GTA San Andreas directory where is gtasa.exe Every.asi needs to be put in GTA San Andreas directory. Be sure that you have gtasa.exe 1.01 EURO No-CD, there is no effect of this plugin when you are using invalid version.

  1. GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas you are using. THEFT AUTO: San Andreas (the directory which contains the gtasa.exe file). Begin the update process. Number 1.01 on the main menu page. Version Number displayed on game title screen. The last installed OS folder) - users know this as 'user account period bug'.
  2. Traffic: 3948 Gb. 5 - Awesome 4 - Pretty cool 3 - Average 2 - It's OK 1 - This is lame. This patch is for North American versions of San Andreas. Issue fixed on machines where the OS has been updated (one OS installed over top of another) and has 2 registry keys that point to the users 'My Documents' folder (we.
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Gta Sa 1.00 Exe