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San Andreas features 11 radio stations, each radio station sporting its own unique flavour and style.The radio stations are complimented by 20 different DJs appearing in the soundtrack. In comparison to Vice City, San Andreas features a remarkable three times as much music. In addition, there are three times as many radio commercials as there are in GTA Vice City. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, unlimited money) - the continuation of one of the most popular action franchises. This time the plot of the game unfolds around a young man named Carl Johnson, who several years ago left his native city called Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas my dear friends in this article I will tell you how to download ”Grand Theft Auto San Andreas” discuss 5 d I will discuss 5 unknown facts. of GTA San Andreas Facts

You might think that you know about the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas where the game is massive and you can’t possibly know it all there are many hidden secrets that aren’t visible that even after hundreds of hours of playtime that’s why I’m here I’ll show you 10 facts you didn’t about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas am I wrong? do you know about everything on the list fine so let’s begin?

  • GTA 1st Fact:-

There’s is a thing called sliding glitch if you master it passing about 20% of the mission will be faster and easier it’s basically a glitch that makes sprinting while aiming weapons possible how’s that useful you might ask well spriting while shooting from a minigun is badass enough but it also allows you to manipulate the game in such a way that you can even skip some mission like this one, for example, you can sprint in interiors you normally can’t it’s not easy to pull off and you need a lot of practice all you need to do is limit your framerate while in-game crouch walks sprint and aim and there you go you can slide I’ll make a more in-depth article on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in future.

  • GTA 2nd Fact:-

even though the impound garages are used to have a row in the story of the game and yet an actual use in the beta they can still be used for storing vehicle just open the garage with a police car get the vehicle in it and park it at the very end of the garage this maximizes the storage space and allows you to keep big planes and helicopter secure without worrying about them disappearing.

  • GTA 3rd Fact:-
  • There is a whole another hidden universe in the game its high up in the sky above the sky limit once you are there the normal world disappears the easiest way of getting to the universe is through the Ganton gym after you are insight type the cheat for jet pack and flight through the ceiling this allows you to reach many interiors but the one we want is a hidden warehouse unused in the actual game find yellow mark and you will be inside the warehouse from there you can reach all the interior in the game there are more than 150 interiors some of them which are fully textured but never used in the actual game.Gta 3 radio download.


  • GTA 4rth Fact:-
  • San Andreas Radio Playlist

    There is a mystery photographer in the game in the countryside you can find a seemingly normal person taking pictures of the lovely view of Los Santos once finished then he simply puts his camera and drown in the water.

    Los Santos Radio Stations

    • GTA 5th Fact:-

    Between the beta ds and the release in 2004 many features and missions were removed for the game ill go over a few of them some of the missions removed from the game were impounded Doberman, tank top, roadside assistance the truth is out there fish in a barrel was areal mission instead of just a cut scene, in fact, the audio text icon models and mission structure code is still in the game and you can play the missions via mods gentleman photo opportunity was an actual interesting mission where I had to just stay on the roof and take pictures instead caeser and CJ used the helicopter and that’s why in the final version they scream to each other ”I being clever about this and I know its changes nothing incriminating”

    In saving marks bistro you could roam around in liberty city in here to chase the unmarked of really old bike, there were rampages, pizza boy, and top fun missions, some characters were removed from the game others were changed even big there used to be main character man grow street families used to be tight man according to two maps in the game itself

    The map of San Andreas used to look differently a skateboard planned to be in the game which served both as a vehicle and as a weapon the list just goes on and on and this article might not be enough on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


    Conclusion:- Hopefully you would like these facts If you have any problem with downloading or in playing so you can ask me in the comment box.