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GTA San Andreas on Android a great port of its PC counterpart for GTA fans to enjoy the game whenever they want. However, there is one thing missing from the game that bothers quite many people. Unlike GTA San Andreas on PC, you cannot use cheat codes in GTA San Andreas on Android, which makes the playing experience somewhat less fun and lacks freedom.

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Are you are looking for a way to use cheat in GTA San Andreas on Android? Or maybe you are trying to use GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod to enable cheat but don't know how to do it. In this article, will give you an in-depth guide on how to install CLEO Mod with GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod APK No Rootdownload link.

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What Is CLEO Mods Scripts?

CLEO Mods was originally developed for the PC version of the GTA series so players can add new items and enhance the playing experience. When GTA games hit Android, a developer has created a CLEO Mods version for Android to enable cheats in GTA games.

As for GTA San Andreas on Android, the developer has completely disabled cheat codes. You won't be able to use cheat codes in the game no matter if you use a keyboard or controller. So in order to use cheat codes in GTA San Andreas on Android, you need to install CLEO Mods.

However, the CLEO Mods app only works with rooted Android devices. That being said, there are still ways to get around it to use GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod without root.

GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod APK No Root Download

These are the files you need to download in order to install GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod APK No Root on your Android device. This is the new version of GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod so you won't encounter screen flicker and crash.

  • GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod APK link.

After downloading the file, please follow the steps below to install the mod on an Android device.

How to install GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod APK No Root?

Gta San Andreas Download For Android

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With the normal CLEO Mod app, it will install cheat scripts into your GTA San Andreas game on Android so root permission is required. So instead of using CLEO Mod app, you can install the CLEO Mod APK app with the mod applied already.

Gta San Andreas download free. full Game

If you already have GTA San Andreas then you only need to download the APK file. Follow these steps to install GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod:

  • Step 1: Open your File Manager and look for the 'com.rockstargames.gtasa' folder. Change the name of the folder into 'com.rockstargames.gtasa1'.
  • Step 2: Uninstall your existing GTA San Andreas game on your Android device.
  • Step 3: Install the GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod APK file you downloaded above.
  • Step 4: Change the name of the 'com.rockstargames.gtasa1' back to 'com.rockstargames.gtasa'. This way, you will get to keep your save file.

If you don't have GTA San Andreas yet then you need to download the OBB file as well. Extract the OBB file and rename the extracted folder into 'com.rockstargames.gtasa'. After that copy the folder to Android/data after you installed the APK file.

After you have completed all the steps, you should be able to play GTA San Andreas with the cheat enabled.

How to access CLEO scripts menu In GTA San Andreas on Android

As mention above, the CLEO Mod is initially built for GTA games on PC, where you can access the cheat with your keyboard. However, on Android, the developer added a cheat menu instead like you can see below.

In order to access this cheat menu, you need to swipe down the screen from the position of the 'UP' button to the position of the 'DOWN' button. The cheat menu will then appear. You can use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT buttons to navigate and select the cheat you want to use.

To active a cheat tap on the center section of the screen. The highlighted cheat code will be activated. There will be a message saying 'CLEO cheat activated' on the top left corner.

>>>> Get More GTA tips and tricks on How To Use Cheats In GTA San Andreas Android

A lightweight mod that aims to give CJ an entirely new look with three options to choose between

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you could give CJ, the main character, a complete makeover in terms of clothing and even body size, but it still wasn't enough for some.

Since the game allowed or tolerated a considerable amount of modding, fans and programmers quickly took advantage of this and enhanced the amount of content that was available in the game as well as for the game. From weapons, to clothes, to cars to buildings and even superheroes, almost anything can be added to GTA: San Andreas.

Downloading this mod pack, you can give CJ a 'Playa' look by adding a few features to his face. Each of the three styles will provide the main man with a shaved look and variations where he has blue eyes along with gold or silver earrings.

Gta San Andreas Pc Download Free

System requirements

Gta San Andreas For Android

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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