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GTA: Liberty City Stories APK

GTA: San Andreas Liberty City is a mod for the mythical GTA: San Andreas whose objective is to turn the city upside down to turn it into nothing more or less than the original GTA III, and the first of the saga to be in 3D. One that brings back so many memories.

Are you a fan of action and adventure? If yes, then you are in the right place. Grand Theft Auto(GTA): Liberty City Stories Android version is a popular action-adventure game. However, the collaboration in which it developed is between Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds. Rockstar Games are the publishers.

Moreover, this game is the ninth instalment in the GTA series. The setting of the game is within the fictional Liberty City. Furthermore, this game is a prequel to GTA third. Because it is a prequel, that is why we can more returning characters from the GTA third like Toni, Salvatore, and many more surfaces. The game has earned many positive reviews from the audience and critics as well.

This new version brings you gameplay which is full of adventure. Moreover, the game has a funny and exciting plot and a massive world in which the players can explore freely. The players can equip the props of their own choice. Moreover, the players can also have access to many vehicles such as motorcycles, ships, aircraft, and many other cars. The combat system of the game is commendable, where the players can have access to all the conventional combat such as various gun battles. And they can make the use of bunkers if they want to attack the rivals or their enemies, The use of baseball bats and even the fists to attack the enemies.


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GTA: Liberty City Stories APK Details

  • The APK requires the Android – 4.0 or above.
  • The APK current version which is available – 2.4
  • The file size of GTA: Liberty City Stories APK – 1.9 GB
  • Category of the game – Action-adventure, Mod
  • Developer and Publisher of the game – Rockstar North, Rockstar Leeds, and Rockstar Games
  • Modes of playing in the game – Single as well as Multi-player mode available
  • The platform where you can find the game is – Fire OS, Android, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and iOS.
  • Series of the game – Grand Theft Auto
  • Rating and Reviews of the game in the Playstore – 4.5 Stars
  • Number of Downloads of the game in Playstore – 100K +

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK Synopsis

However, like many other Grand Theft Auto games, this new version also features many popular characters in the game. We can see many reappearances in the latest version from the Grand Theft Auto third part. However, we will see some notable changes in the appearances and lifestyles of these characters. Moreover, they are different from those characters which they were in 1998. Although, we will see Frank Vincent, who has reprised his role as Salvatore from previous game series.

In the new version of this game, Liberty City Stories APK shows that Leones are the strongest and the only mafia family which is surviving in the Liberty City. Toni will protect Salvatore from the rivals before his trial. Salvatore will kidnap O’Donovan also. The reason for the kidnapping is because he wants to prevent the charges against him. Therefore, Toni and Salvatore will work together to kill Torini, and they will rescue O’Donovan. After this incident, he will demand his family’s protection from the mayor of the city. However, later a secret comes out that Torini was working for his uncle. Moreover, his uncle wanted to lessen the control of his nephew over the city because he did not pay him tribute. Finally, after the revelation of the secret, they do not take the uncle as a threat.

Therefore, Toni and Salvatore come together, and they both control the city.

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GTA: Liberty City Stories APK Features

After downloading the Liberty City APK, you will enjoy several features.

  • The new game version has impressive and exciting adventure gameplay.
  • The game has beautiful graphics, the textures are of high resolution, and there is a fantastic character art.
  • The creators of the game have made new version unique and very different from the rest of the arrangements as there is a new feature of real-time lighting and shadows in the game. Moreover, this new feature makes the game look more realistic. Therefore, there is more fun and excitement in the latest version of the game.
  • In Liberty City APK, there is a new feature in which the players will be able to rebalance the controls in the game. Therefore, they will face less difficulty, and the ease of playing the game makes it exciting and fun to play.
  • The players can also enjoy one more new feature in which they will have the physical controller support.
  • Beautiful and remarkable graphics used in this game are up to the mark. Because of these type of illustrations and commendable textures, the players experience the real and natural experience.

Gta San Andreas Liberty City Stories Mod Download Torrent

Therefore, all these new features make the game worth playing.

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK Download and Install

Some instructions to install the game:

Gta Liberty City Stories Game

  • Turn off your the mobile data and WiFi just before installing the game. You need to enable them after your game starts to work fine.
  • After the installation is over, you can launch the new version of the game.
  • Make sure that when you open the app to run the game, it should not display the notification which says, “need to download the data files”.

Gta San Andreas Liberty City Stories Mod Download Pc

Stay tuned for all the latest updates.