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GTA Online players all over the world have been experiencing a constant stream of error messages when trying to connect to online games. One of the most persistent errors is the following: 'Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later.'

The only way to go around this problem is to simply Unbock the downloaded Zip file you download BEFORE you extract any files. Right-click the zip file you download, click Properties, and at the bottom of the General tab click Unblock. Install mod properly. 2019-07-10 16:55:33.456 ERROR. Localised: Grand Theft Auto V exited unexpectedly. Please click Retry below to enter the game again, or click Safe Mode to launch the game with reduced graphics settings.

  • I downloaded this version with a torrent 'Grand Theft Auto V (2015) + DLC's - FULL UNLOCKED +CRACK' its about 62 gig and has all the files and when i go to install it it starts up but then asks for a key to install the game,in the files that came with it is a folder that says cd key but inside is one of those links to a survey,i need a keygen to be able to install it, i wont be playing on line.
  • DJacobs1A-81 March 18, 2018, 1:10am #3. This is basically telling you that you need the latest DLC in the game in order to use FiveM. The Social Club launcher should feature a cool and neat button that will allow you to verify your game files so SC can download the latest DLC for you. After that, you should be able to connect.
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It seems that this could have something to do with server maintenance and is a generic 'can't connect to server' error. But both PC and console players have reported ways around this issue. So here's what you can try:

Fix #1: Adjust Firewall Settings on PC

PC players who have had the 'files required' error message popping up tried to unblock GTA5.exe file from the list of Outbound files in their Windows Firewall settings.

You can find your Windows Firewall settings in the Control Panel. Choose Advanced settings and take a look at the Outbound rules list. If you see that your GTA5 .exe file is blocked, then right-click and choose to allow it instead. This should fix the problem.

Fix #2: Change DNS Settings on Consoles

Console players will have to adjust their DNS settings. Here are the network settings required to bypass the 'files required' error message:

  • DNS Watch:
    • Primary
    • Secondary

Remember to restart your console after the change for all the settings to be applied properly.

Other players also tried to change time settings or clear the cache, but these two methods didn't seem to work universally. But if the main fixes above didn't work for you, then try out these two.


That is all for the 'files required' error message fix guide, and for other GTA Online guides at GameSkinny refer to the list below:

GTA 5 Error Fix with latest Software Prerequisites

GTA 5 Error fix is a small word but its a big issue, so many gamers are worrying about how to run Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V). Top queries are , system requirement is OK, installation is OK, Also installed Rockstar social club latest version but game is not running. That is the big issue guys, that is not tolerable. In this post I am providing you link of some applications which is necessary to Play GTA 5 on PC. Download the apps from below :
1) Download Rockstar Social Club : Click Here (v1.1.7.8)

If you receive an error social club v1.1.6.8 setup.exe missing , or you saw the screen “Activation Required ” to fix

2) Gta 5 Launcher Patch 7 : Click Here (v1.0.505.2.exe)

3) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 : Click Here (v4.5)

Download Missing Files For Gta 5

The .NET Framework 4.5 is a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET Framework 4. By using the .NET Framework 4.5 together with the C#, Visual Basic, or F# programming language, you can write Windows apps. Every application runs on this software.

4) Visual C++ Redistributable : Click Here (v2013)

The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages install run-time components that are required to run applications that are developed by using Visual Studio 2013, on computers that don’t have Visual Studio 2013 installed. These packages install run-time components of these libraries: C Runtime (CRT), Standard C++, ATL, MFC, C++ AMP, and OpenMP.

5) Games for Windows Live : Click Here (v3.5.50.0)

If the game not starting and you seeing this message xlive.dll is missing above is the download link for Games for windows live setup.

7) DirectX 11 : Click Here (v9.29.1974)

This download provides the DirectX end-user multi-languaged redistributable that developers can include with their product. The redistributable license agreement covers the terms under which developers may use the Redistributable. For full details please review the DirectX SDK EULA.txt and DirectX Redist.txt files located in the license directory.

8) Graphic Card Latest Driver Nvidia : Click Here

9) Graphic Card Latest Driver AMD Radeon : Click Here

Fore More better results install Flash player and latest Java version.

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