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Download GTA 4 APK. Transfer the file to your phone or tablet if you downloaded the installer on your computer. Run the GTA 4 for Mobile installer and allow unknown sources if you're on Android device. The game will take up to 2 minutes to install, depending on your connection and device speed. Once installed, find the game in your apps and run it. Since then the GTA franchise has gone on to spin several successful ventures including GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA 4, as well as GTA 5 Mobile. The GTA franchise is best known for providing something called an 'open world environment'. It means players are free to explore the world inside the game as and when they want to. Gta vice city free download pirates bay.

Looking To Play GTA 4 On Your Phone?

Gta 4 for android


GTA 4 Android is now available for your mobile. GTA 4 APK is the solution for spending your time with your favorite character: Niko Bellic.

Modern interface

Discover a new world, new items, new cars and new people. Play online with your friends around the world : Grand Theft Auto IV. Now, on Android - GTA 4 APK - and iOS. Rockstar did not let us down this time either, even if fans of the game might say that mobile graphics do not compare with that of the PC, Xbox or Playstation. Producers have taken into account the large number of smartphone and tablet users and have created much faster than we had hoped GTA 4 Android.

Gta 4 Download Mobile

Cars in GTA IV Android version can be customized at any of the Customs shops, each of which is marked on the map. Drive in and choose from all the customization options available for that vehicle. Once a character has customized a car , he will take ownership of it.

Easy to use

Producers have not forgotten Rockstar editor in GTA 4 Android so users can record their experience and publish directly on Youtube or Rockstar Games Social Club. Share your GTA IV Android experience with your friends! First person mode it`s also present in GTA 4 for Android and iOS. To enter, users have to press an icon which they find on the right side of the screen. Users can set default camera view, by entering the 'Display' section of the Settings and enabling 'Allow Independent Camera Modes'.

To perform better on mobile phone or tablet , GTA 4 for Android requires a better processor than the older devices. It also works on tablet running android version 4.0 or higher. Some people suggest playing on tablet because it has bigger screen, but it`s also working great on smartphone.

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV shows us the beautiful Liberty City, which producers call 'heaven on earth'. That huge city, Liberty City, offers many missions full of adventure where players can only explore the first island–composed of Dukes and Broker–with all other islands unlocking as the story progresses. This is a place specially created for the vehicles of super class.

Play , raise money and you will enjoy the game from a different perspective.In this great city you can spend gained money on guns, cars, clothes, buildings and much more. You can transfer all earned money from your previous GTA IV Online character and progression data from PlayStation, Xbox or PC to GTA 4 Android or iOS.

Android application

Heads up Display

GTA IV Android When Outside of missions, players can freely roam the game's open world, and have the ability to complete optional side missions Health bar is also present and shows how much health the player has left. If this bar is empty the player is wasted and he will be teleport in the nearest hospital.

Special Ability

Gta 4 Download Android For Ios Free Game

Experience a whole new adventure on your smartphone:
GAMEPLAY: Players use melee attacks, firearms and explosives to fight enemies, and may run, jump, swim or use vehicles to navigate the game's world. There is a first-person perspective option when using vehicles. In combat, auto-aim and a cover system can be used as assistance against enemies.

ONLINE: The online multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto IV allows up to 32 players to freely roam across a recreation of the single-player world.

SINGLE PLAYER: The game's single-player mode lets players control a war veteran, Eastern European Niko Bellic. During the story, Niko meets various new characters, many of whom he befriends. These characters can then perform favours for Niko whenever he asks

Grab your copy of GTA IV for Android and iOS following this steps :

1. Download 2 apps and install - if you use mobile phone - or complete 2 offers - if you use PC - so that we can verify that you are human. Your game will be unlock after you download and install the apps or complete the offers.
***If you use a PC, you have to follow this steps :***
2. After you complete the offers, your file will be unlock and download begin automatically. Connect your android device or iOS device to the computer.
3. Copy GTA4.apk or GTA4.ipa file to your phone/tablet.
4. Open the file. You will get a pop up box saying 'For security your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources'.
5. Click on settings.
6. Allow installation for GTA 4.
7. After install, You will see GTA IV icon on your phone.
8. Open the game, but you will have to wait few minutes to download obb and data files and game will start after downloading.