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8/10 (17006 votes) - Download GTA San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto Free. GTA San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto for PC is one of the best installments of Rockstar's action saga in which you'll once again become a fearsome gangster. Rockstar and its Grand Theft Auto saga have been delighting enthusiasts. It’s a real gangster game where crime mafia wars rule on city streets. Heist 🔫, explosion and destruction is the best description of the mad situation💣. Theft tank, control the helicopter and crash your rivals ️. By hook or by crook! 🔥 Features: 🔥.

Perhaps the first big PC game of 2002 and one destined to have Godfather fans dusting off their violin cases and collecting their pinstripes from the cleaners, Mafia comes courtesy of Hidden & Dangerous creator Illusion Softworks. We managed to play through three near-complete missions when code I was dropped by the ZONE office recently, and to call the game a 1930s reworking of Grand Theft Auto wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

Gta Gangster City

3dmgame dll free download for gta 5. 'That’s fair enough,' says the game’s lead designer Daniel Vavra. 'There are many parallels between GTA3 and us, but we haven’t been influenced by GTA and Mafia has been even longer in development than GTA3. There are similar features, but when you play the game, you realise that these are only on the surface. Yes the game is set in a huge city and involves plenty of driving, but whereas GTA is pure arcade, Mafia is a more realistic simulation. It has a deetf storyline about gangsters, on which all the missions are based. You can’t even i compare the indoor missions because GTA3 doesn’t have them, but in Mafia these make up at least 50 per cent ofthe game - a very important and entertaining 50 per cent of the game.' Vavra likes to describe Mafia as ft 'fully playable classic gangster Inovie,' offering a lot more scope than Fsimply driving fragile cars, throwingMolotov cocktails, shooting Tommy guns or clubbing innocent bystanders to death. As was the case in Hidden & Dangerous, each of the 20 missions could feasibly have been, or be made into, a classic gangster movie. From the very beginning the game throws you into the murky world of organised crime. You play a cab driver, who finds a couple of hoods jumping in the back of his cab demanding he drive off pronto, and in a matter of minutes, you’ve gone from cabbie to crook. If you’d had the option to turn your passengers over to the authorities it might have been a different story -you’ll never know.

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Gangster Trippin'

Driving around the massive city of Lost Heaven, players will find the cops are a far tougher bunch than those in GTA. Just jumping a red light will get you in hot water, and although even the fastest of the 60 different vehicles will be relatively slow compared to today’s hatchbacks, the pace of the game will be suitably frantic, day or night.'On foot the game takes place in many different interiors or non-urban locations,' says Daniel. 'In one mission you have to blow up a whorehouse, in others smuggle alcohol over the border, assassinate politicians or even go on a date with your future wife.'


Compared with GTA's 'take this there’ missions, Mafia's are surprisingly varied, not only in setting, but also in scope - as well as shooting, plenty of stealth will be required. NPC characters will also be on hand to help you out, even in blazing firefights.

In terms of multiplayer, only racing modes will be present in the shipped game, with full multiplayer options added later, either as a free download or part of a mission disc. Until then, with its living, breathing city to explore, Mafia promises to be a highly atmospheric experience, sometimes darkly comic and thoroughly diverse. Just don’t confuse Lost Heaven with its fictional neighbour Liberty City and you won’t upset anyone.