Download Someone Elses Gta 5 Save

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When you log in, go to the side bar and click 'Members' then click 'Purchase Credits'. At the bottom there's a promo code box, type HEISTHYPE and hit enter. It'll give you a free upload credit! Edited March 8, 2015 by h00k3d0nchr0n1cz. I am still unable to find any working PS4 GTA V Save Game. Anything i download, will not be recognized. If i then change the folder name, to the one corresponding to my PS4 - and plug it in i will be displayed 'The save data belongs to another user'.

  1. Download Someone Elses Gta 5 Save
  2. Download Someone Elses Gta 5 Save File
  3. Download Someone Elses Gta 5 Saved

After Epic Games announced that it would give away free copies of GTA V for aweek, many people started to claim this gift on that game platform. Even someexisting GTA V players who have already purchased the game on Steam had decidedto get another free copy so they could have two or more GTA Online accounts.

It appears that if you have already installed GTA V via Steam, you still needto download a full copy of the game files via Epic Games. However, by doingsome tricks, you can let Steam and Epic Games share the same set of GTA V gamefiles to avoid downloading the game again and thus save disk space. We will usethe MKLINK command on Windows, which is not well-known, to create a link tothe existing game files. The link works as if the linked files and folders areexactly there, but it occupies very little space.

Because I believe almost all people who wants to let the apps of these two gameplatforms share the same game files have already downloaded GTA V from Steamrather than Epic Games, the following instructions will create a link toSteam’s copy of GTA V files under Epic Games’ installation path.


Download someone elses gta 5 save file
  1. Download GTA V in Epic Games.

    You will be prompted to choose an installation path. Select whichever pathyou want to use, and remember it.

  2. Then, immediately pause download.

  3. Quit Epic Games Launcher. Ignore the warning about cancelling installation.

  4. Go to the GTA V installation path set in step 1, and move the .egstorefolder to somewhere else. In this demo, I moved it to the parent folder.

  5. Then, delete the GTAV folder.

  6. Find out where Steam stored GTA V game files. Open up game properties forGTA V in Steam, click on “Browse Local Files” under the “Local Files” tab,and remember the path shown in the file explorer. You may click on theaddress bar to copy the full path.

  7. Copy GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe in Steam’s GTA V installation tosomewhere else, and clearly label them as game files downloaded fromSteam. For example, I would put those files in a folder with nameSteam.

  8. Start command prompt as administrator.

  9. Run command mklink /D '<Epic Games Path>' '<Steam Path>' to create a linkto Steam’s game files for Epic Games. Fill in the paths with values you gotin step 1 and step 6 respectively. Remember to wrap the values in doublequotes.

    After running the command, you should see the link created in Epic Games’game installation path.

  10. Move the .egstore folder in step 4 back into GTAV.

  11. Start Epic Games Launcher. If the download progress is paused, resume itmanually. Then, you should see it verifying files for GTA V, whichindicates success! Wait until it completes.

  12. Once GTA V is ready to play from Epic Games, visit the folder storing GTA Vgame files again, copy GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe similarly as in step7, but label them as game files downloaded from Epic Games this time.

Download Someone Elses Gta 5 Save

In the future, if you want to launch GTA V via Steam, make sure the executablesyou copied in step 7, which are the ones you labeled Steam, are in the GTA Vgame files folder. If you want to launch it via Epic Games, then you should putthe files copied in step 12, labeled Epic Games by you, back to the gamefiles folder. These two files, GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe, are the only twocritical files that differ between the copies of GTA V downloaded from Steamand Epic Games.

Sign Out Your Old Social Club Account!

I’ve heard from some people who have been already playing this game using thecopy downloaded from Steam saying that, when they launch GTA V through EpicGames Launcher, the new copy of the game is activated for their original SocialClub account, so they failed to make a brand new account for GTA Online. If youwant to have a new Social Club account and activate the copy of GTA V youobtained on Epic Games for it, make sure you sign out your old Social Clubaccount from Rockstar Games Launcher.

Steps to Do Upon Game Update

Download Someone Elses Gta 5 Save File

If an update for GTA V is available after you have used the above steps toshare the game files, then please perform the following steps for the newupdate:

  1. Update GTA V from one game platform (either Steam or Epic Games). We willdenote this platform as Platform A.

  2. Copy GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe under the game’s installation path tosomewhere else, and clearly label them as game files downloaded fromPlatform A.

  3. Next, update GTA V from the other platform, which will be denoted asPlatform B.

  4. Again, copy GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe under the game’s installationpath to somewhere else, but label them as game files downloaded fromPlatform B this time.

Download Someone Elses Gta 5 Saved

Now, you should be able to launch GTA V and switch between Steam and Epic Gamesback and forth again as before.