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Shooting anybody whilst performing the robbery is not recommended, as this increases the number of police units baying for your blood. Grand Theft Auto Online Website. GTA 5 Multiplayer. Bank robbery v0.11Bank robbery v0.11 for GTA 5. The modification allows Pacific and Rob Fleeca banks. Log in to the Bank and find the vault of money. How To Install Bank Robbery Mod GTA 5 MODS Fleeca Bank Heists Mod.mp3. Bank Heists Amp ATM Robberies GTA 5 PC Mods.mp3.

People are just crazy for GTA 5 APK and looking for much more entertainment from the game. Today, I’ll show you the 5 best GTA 5 Roleplay stories. These stories are pure love and entertainment you will love to play these stories in your way and will enjoy the game.

1-Police VS Gang Roleplay Story

This is our first and one of the amazing GTA V APK roleplay stories. While playing this story you get huge enjoyment and fun. You get the real feel of the game. In this roleplay story, You make a gang with your online friends and you cover a lot of areas. You fight with your enemies and become the number 1 and most wanted gang of the area.

And after a while, police take big notice against you and start killing your gang members and start arresting them as well. Then you get two options the first option is to leave the area and surrender and the second option is to fight with the police. And if you choose the second option you get 6 stars all the time and you and your gang start a war with the police. Everywhere you will see the police are killing your gang members and they are doing as well. During the game, you get a lot of offers from international mafias and police as well. In short, gang vs police is a great roleplay story. Want to download the GTA 5 Game? Click here.

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2-Bank Robbery Roleplay Story

In all GTA games, bank robbery is huge fun and it is one of the main parts of the game. Most of the people love to play bank robbery missions in the game and enjoy a lot while robbing the banks. But, in roleplay story, is a little bit different than the offline mission.

In a roleplay story, you make a team of perfect robbers all around the world online.

Then as ahead of the team, you make a perfect and well-structured plan to rob the bank you want. You go to the bank and rob it then the police come on the spot and you get 2 exit plans. 1st plan is to leave the money and save your lives and 2nd one is to get the money with you at the risk of your life and so on. Bank robbery roleplay story is awesome and worth playing.

3- Plane Hijack Roleplay Story

Hijacking a plane is fun at another level, in GTA 5 APK you can choose a plane hijack story as well. In this roleplay story, you need 3 persons in total and you make a simple but good plan with them and then attack the selected plane.

You and your team hijack the plane and ask for money from the govt. They have to pay you to secure the passengers. And they do small attacks on you via the FBI and other special forces. Plane Hijack’s roleplay story is one of the very good roleplay stories of GTA V.

4- Death Race Roleplay Story

Death Race is a mind-blowing roleplay story of GTA V APK. The storyline of this mission is pure death race. If you lose the race you have to shoot yourself but you can save yourself by killing your 50+ competitors. In this storyline, you play with the 50+ other real players online. And you challenge them for a death race of the whole city. If you lose either you have to kill yourself or fight with them. Death race is an impressive and tough roleplay story of GTA V.

Gta 5 bank robbery mod

5- Military Roleplay Story


This is our 5th and the last roleplay story for the GTA V apk. If you want to be a military man and want to enjoy the life of a soldier then this roleplay is superb for you. In this roleplay, you join the military online and play the role of a trained soldier. In this storyline, you enjoy the full life of a soldier. You will love this roleplay.

Gta Bank Robbery Mod

So, this was our list of the top 5 best GTA 5 APK roleplay stories.

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